Brooke Leigh Sheldon, consultant, author, speakerBrooke Leigh Sheldon has climbed a ladder of her own unique invention. Her background includes CEO of innovative multi-state social service agencies, psychotherapist, educator, author, radio show host, entrepreneur, partner and strategic adviser to local and state government agencies, philanthropist, mediator, leadership and performance optimizer and a certified hypnotherapist.

Brooke Leigh Sheldon is an authority on the philosophy, psychology and development of leadership, diversity, tolerance, conflict resolution, change management and the evolution of life empowerment. She has been consistently recognized for her strategic farsightedness, negotiation skills, organizational revitalization, managerial guidance and transformative ability to enable groups and individuals to fearlessly drill into previously undiscovered personal depths.

Brooke has impacted the lives of people throughout the globe with her public speaking, book and articles, radio show, entrepreneurship, therapeutic work, multimedia, and live events.

As co-founder of the life enrichment organization Moments Count, Brooke commits daily to the truth of this concept in every interaction and endeavor upon which she embarks.

She consults with both individuals and organizations to envision the finest manifestation of their unique mission and then to realize this vision.